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Cleaning Packages

Get the Welcoming Home You’ve Always Wanted, Without the Stress

The stories of our grandparent’s days before phones and full schedules, describe a comfort we don’t often experience in this generation. There was no pressure to call ahead, family and friends would just pop over for a visit. People simply enjoyed each other’s company. Today, if we see our friend at the grocery store, the pressures of life often keep us from getting together. We plan for a week or two down the road instead of enjoying the now.
With regular residential cleaning, your house will always ready be for family and friends. Next time you see your friend at the grocery store, you won’t hesitate to invite them over for a last-minute BBQ.

Appreciate Your Space with High-End, Luxury Cleaning for Every Home

We specialize in luxury and strive to renew your appreciation of your home. There’s no question that as a society, we tend to put more effort and thought into our home’s decor than generations past did. HGTV, design magazines, and the sheer number of décor and furniture options make this possible, and fun. Yet sometimes, we think more about what could be instead of enjoying what is. Let us make your home sparkle, so you can regain your appreciation for your home. It’s your family’s sanctuary, after all. You should enjoy it.

Thorough Cleaning That Gives You More Time to Enjoy Life

We don’t miss a spot. You’ll enter knowing that it’s not just a simple superficial clean. You won’t be left cleaning garbage, dirt, dust, or spots after we’ve been there. We deep-clean, examine and re-examine to make sure your home is sparkling. Even your OCD uncle will be impressed.

We Offer Packages and Personalization to Fit Your Life, Not the Other Way Around

We provide options for ALL your cleaning needs from light fixtures and fridge tops, to oven interiors and baseboards. We’re open communicators, ready and prepared for all your cleaning needs. Let’s talk and get you the cleaning service you really want – no spots missed!

No Time for Tidying? Don’t Stress

We won’t lie, it’s better if you can take time to tidy the night before your cleaning. That being said, we know what it’s like to feel stressed and rushed and we won’t add to that stress. We want you to enjoy your home more, not dread cleaning day. Our cleaners will always take the time to tidy up if need be. You won’t come home to find we’ve vacuumed around a toy because your child dropped it in the hallway on the way out the door that morning. We’ll even prioritize the cleaning so you get the best results for the time remaining.

You Know You’ve Called the Right Cleaners with NoSpot – We Back Our Skill with a Satisfaction Guarantee

Our 100% satisfaction guarantee means you have a full day to call us if you notice something isn’t to your high standards. This isn’t something we’ve added as an afterthought. We insist on a platinum-standard clean, this is how we ensure it.

Cleaning Packages

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“NoSpot has been cleaning for us since 2007. We have a golden retriever that lives in the house with two cats. It has been great not having to worry about the cat hair and mess around the litter boxes and the dog hair that get’s everywhere! NoSpot cleans it all up every two weeks! We also have 3 grandchildren that crawl around the floors, and it just gives me peace of mind knowing that they are not getting into any messes because I know that NoSpot has it taken care of. My house is clean for parties, family gatherings, holidays, you name it! Having NoSpot come on a regular basis gives me free time to focus on other things. We are very comfortable around the NoSpot cleaners and completely trust them. We are so glad we found them!”

Louise • Discovery, Calgary

“Having NoSpot clean my house has gone from being a LUXURY to being a NECESSITY! For years I put pressure on myself to maintain a beautiful home, hold a good paying job and make sure my children had an attentive mother and the best possible opportunities.
Eventually…something had to give! I still had to go to work and my boys continued to deserve receiving my best so maintaining a spotless home was the thing that became less of a priority. However, living in a messy/dirty house was not something that relieved my stress.
I heard about NoSpot and decided to give them a chance, at least for awhile. Well, years later, they are still here! They clean my home as if it were their own. Their attention to detail makes me feel like I did it myself. And more importantly…their quiet, calm demeanour does not disrupt the flow of how my family operates.
I want my home to continue to be a safe, happy place for me and my family. With a little assistance, I can do that! NoSpot helps me both maintain my home and my sanity. My only regret is that it took me so long to figure out that NoSpot was the solution to my stress pollution!”

Glenda • Arbour Lake, Calgary

“NoSpot has been cleaning for us on a bi-weekly basis for over 8 years. They have the qualities of promptness, reliability and of course they are trustworthy. These qualities have led us to recommend their services to other households. We have developed a relationship that is of great comfort to our family.
We believe NoSpot and their cleaners have a personality that responds well with our children and with us adults. They are very understanding, supportive and patient behaviour that is attractive to others. We value their work and presence amongst our household today and into the future.”

Helen & Gary • Hidden Valley, Calgary

NoSpot has been my cleaning service for about 3-4 years now. I feel like they are part of the family! I completely trust them in my home. I love coming back to a fresh, clean condo. It really helps me keep all the other things I need to do for my life and business as my top priorities. I never realized how much relief having a cleaning service can provide! I’m here to stay 🙂

“NoSpot provided a top-to-bottom cleaning service. Nothing was missed! Floors, stairs, tops and bottoms of appliances, under the beds, making the beds, front entrance, back entrance, walls, blinds, window sills, baseboards, bathrooms, kitchen, living area… every knick-knack, framed photo and pictures were polished.
Not one item was left without NoSpot’s attention and dedicated care. We highly recommend the expert, professional services that NoSpot provides and will actively pursue quality referrals to assist in growing their business. To top it off, they provided us a gift of an elegant, stunning floral bouquet. Beautiful touch!”

Chanessa & Jean • Coventry Hills, Calgary

“NoSpot Cleaning is a pleasure to work with and exceeded my expectations. They showed up on time, were respectful of me working, went about theirs and left my home clean, fresh smelling.
Having a custom clean that targeted the jobs I’m too busy for like baseboards, blinds and those crevices in my window sills was exactly what I needed. I feel like I am back on top of my weekly cleaning routine and can focus again on running my business.
If you have high expectations and are meticulous NoSpot Cleaning Solutions is the best choice.”

Susan Hoy • Calgary

“If you are a looking for a home cleaner who will provide efficient and effective cleaning of your home, NoSpot Cleaning Solution is your answer.
Devin and his team at NoSpot Cleaning Solutions will arrive on time, clean you home form top to bottom, and put all your stuff back exactly where it was. Other than the spotless home, you would never know they were in your home.
My wife and I would strongly recommend NoSpot Cleaning and Devin to all our friends and colleagues.
We have tried many cleaners in the past and NoSpot has provided the best cleaning of our home.”

Lloyd Hamshaw • President, REAL Recruitment

“I have been referring business to NoSpot for over a year now, with dozens of happy customers. If you are a real estate team or realtor, it is amazing to have Devin on your side. He helps make the home selling process simple and a slam dunk for the stressed out sellers who are listing their home. The company does a wonderful job at arranging their schedules to accommodate the client’s needs. This is of great importance and shows how they are dedicated to putting client’s needs sometime before their own.
Devin and Kelsey are truly amazing at what they do. Attention to every detail in each nook and cranny of your home, no spot will be left when they have made their way through your home.
I have also been fortunate enough to use their services, personally. I have two teenagers, two dogs a cat and a hubby that do not care much about cleaning- and it shows! So, NoSpot really has their work cut out for them when coming to my house. However, it completely makes my day to come home to my wonderful clean house, after they have been there.
I would like to recommend NoSpot Cleaning Services to everyone who is looking for a residential cleaner. Give them a try, you will not be disappointed!”

Wendy Kelman • Realtor, Coldwell Banker Mountain Central