Listing a house? Call us! We’ll make it sparkle in all the right areas to make the biggest impact.

What’s included:

  • Everything included in our Residential Cleaning Service

*With special attention given to*

  • All light fixtures-this makes a huge difference for listing cleans!
  • Blinds/windowsills/baseboards-details make all the difference!
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Make A First Impression That Gets You Top Dollar

People quickly form their initial impression and that ‘feeling’ influences all other information they process. This is as true in real estate as it is in personal relationships. Don’t let dirt or dust get in the way of potential buyers falling in love with your home. Use NoSpot real-estate cleaning and encourage a bidding war with a great first impression.

Highlight Comfort and Features, Not Dirt – Get Top Dollar for Your Home

There’s someone waiting to create great memories in their new home, why can’t that be yours? Don’t let fingerprints, baseboard dirt, or dusty chandeliers get all the attention when they enter your house. Highlight the warmth, comfort, and features with a deep clean. Let your home’s appeal shine with a thorough cleaning.

A Clean Home is a Well Cared for Home, Show Potential Buyers Your Home is a Good Investment

Buyers and real estate agents notice everything when they’re viewing a new house. That means cleanliness is paramount when selling your home. Buyers will assume that a home that isn’t properly maintained on the cleanliness end, has not been properly maintained in any area. Show buyers how well cared for your home is with our platinum-standard cleaning services – even in the very busy time before you sign that deal.

Fast Service for a Quick Turnaround – Don’t Wait to Get That Sale

NoSpot cleaning offers quick service for real estate deals. We know cleaning can be left to the last minute. Whether it’s due to an accident, forgetfulness, or a sudden request for a viewing, we want to make sure your home is ready to show. Call us today, we’ll do what we can to arrange a quick, and always thorough, cleaning.

Make It Easier to Keep Your House Presentable with a Deep Clean

Selling a home can be overwhelming. Don’t let the stress of perfection make it worse. We will come in for a deep clean, cleaning all the often-forgotten areas, making it MUCH easier for you to maintain that sparkle. Many clients even keep us around for regular cleaning until the house is sold… and then bring us to their new home. We’re happy to come with you!

No Spots Are Missed with Our Checklist

We pride ourselves on exceptional work. This starts with training standards that ensure our high expectations are met every time. Part of this includes our thorough cleaning checklists, followed and double checked each time. Plus, we’re always sure to add any additional requests to our lists so your clean is exactly what you want. We won’t miss a spot.

After you sell the house, let us help you with the move!

Move Out Cleaning