Are you moving?

A 4 hour minimum service.

What’s included:

  • Everything included in our Residential Cleaning
  • Insides of all appliances; stove, fridge, etc.
  • Interior of all cupboards

If you need carpet cleaning or window cleaning, please let us know ahead of time and we can arrange that.

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Detailed and Thorough – We Won’t Leave Any Cleaning for You to Finish

Let our platinum-standard cleaning service make your move out, or move in cleaning stress-free. Our staff are trained to provide exceptional, detailed cleaning services. Our extensive experience means we see every speck of dirt, and know all the places they hide. You won’t have any surprises when you hire us, we’re trained to know exactly what needs to be cleaned and how to do it best.

Enjoy More Time Setting Up Your New Home

Don’t spend your time cleaning. Go to your kid’s baseball game, help your partner set up the kitchen, and enjoy your new adventure. We will make sure your old space is ready for what’s next, whether it’s inspections, new owners, or a listing. We’ll make it sparkle.

Improper Move-Out Cleaning is Stated in Over Half of Deposit Disputes – Don’t Let Yours Be One of Them

Our move-out cleaning service covers ALL the bases. We do our regular, thorough residential clean plus:

  • Inside all appliances (stove, fridge, microwave, etc.)
  • Inside all cupboards (bathrooms, kitchen, etc.)

Non-Toxic, Non-Corrosive Cleaning Products Keep the Property Safe

We use some of the best products available. Our products are non-toxic and non-corrosive to keep the property safe and free of damage. We won’t risk damage by using cleaners meant for vinyl on hardwood or ceramic, for example. Our extensive training, and our extensive product research and selection means we use the right products for the job.

Personalized to Your Needs Including Carpet and Window Cleaning

If you need your carpets and/or windows cleaned, talk to us. We’re prepared to make your or move out clean as easy as it can be. Just let us know of any additional services you’ll need done, and we’ll take care of it. Our open communication policy ensures that you’re always informed of what is being done and our prices, and also that we’re clear about what cleaning tasks you’ve asked for.

100% Satisfaction So the Onus is on Us, Not You

Move-outs are stressful and wondering if you’ll get your deposit back only adds to the stress. We offer a full 24hr satisfaction guarantee. If the inspection brings up a cleaning issue, you can call us with no worry about additional charges. Take the stress away from your move-out, call NoSpot Cleaning Solutions today!

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